PEKEA is dedicated to carry out research putting persons and society at the central place, as the finality of economic activities. This is an up-side down effect on the research which is pursuing the adaptation to economical imperatives, turning our societies into Ecocracies. This new kind of research is carried out accordingly to the Argument and to the General Foundations.

PEKEA research works are the set of works
carried out by members of PEKEA, and which programme has been approved by the

Scientific Board of PEKEA (3.1.).

Results are the sole responsibility of the authors. However, they may be put at disposal to all the members of the PEKEA network after positive advice from the scientific board. They may also become results approved by PEKEA. The scientific board will monitor directly some research work.

PEKEA tries to ease contact between researchers and groups from different disciplines and geographic places in order to exchange in various fields concerning economic activities and to constitute world teams at least "virtual", that would be able to contribute to PEKEA.

To reach this objective, PEKEA "issues an electronic letter in the section "Newsletter"
and organizes meetings and conferences and their minutes and works are available, section "Recent History"

PEKEA has begun research works about the construction of four building blocks of knowledge ( 3.1.) concerning :
- societal value
- democracy facing ecocracy
- individual and social behaviours
- feasible common future

Santiago Themes of discussion (3.2.) remain nevertheless on the agenda and are still indications for ways of research.
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