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Call launched at the initiative of: Région Bretagne -Département Ille et Vilaine -Rennes Métropole
joined in 2007 by Région Nord Pas de Calais

- Why a Club of Local Governments ? -

Download the call : Text of the call may be displayed by clicking here

To join this club contact PEKEA pekea@pekea.org ou ongpekea@yahoo.fr

The main objective consists of two points. First it aims at structuring and organising active participation from local governments to the works of PEKEA. Second it organises the support from academic, pluri-disciplinary resources and from the ethical and political approach by PEKEA to give a different view for local public action.

A meeting for the present members of the club and for potentially incoming members will take place in Paris on the 20 June 2008

An international conference - 30 - 31 October 2008

"Building together local indicators for societal progress"

will be organised in Rennes with Région Bretagne
and the support of OECD and of the Council of Europe and in France of FAIR (Forum for Other Indexes od Wealth)

this is a follow-up of the seminar held on the 17 November 2006 one the theme
" Local Indicators for Societal Progress "
>The programme of this 2006 seminar may be displayed by cliquing here or downloaded in a Format.doc

-Why a Club of Local Governments ? -

During the conference held in Rennes in November 2003, President Yves Berthelot explained why PEKEA was searching partnerships with local governments:

- Economic activities are always localised and crucial matters are first a concern for localised societies, communities that are under the responsibility and charge of local governments. These governments through their elected representatives and their staff have concrete experience of the running of economic activities while having difficulties to get expertises really relevant.

- the ambition of PEKEA is to nurture the analyses from academics with the field experiments from local governments and to give some light to the action of local governments thanks to new ways to tackle problems.

Thus the idea was put forward at this conference to set up a club of local governments within Pekea, with two founding ideas :

  1. - to structure and organize a presence and an active participation of local governments to the work of Pekea. The uniqueness of Pekea and its innovating contribution lie in its interdisciplinary stance and in its crossing of analyses carried out by several stakeholders on the working and the dysfunction of our world. There are very few places where academics, elected representative, militants of the civil society can discuss, confront their analyses, and mutually enrich themselves and thus, take part to design a world with more solidarity. The active presence of local governments is essential so that Pekea gives its full potential.

  2. - the club of local governments, partnering with Pekea, could ask to pluridisciplinary teams of the Pekea network, some studies, contributions, expertises, that are necessary and useful to design and to carry out public policies. With the endeavour to develop a political an ethical approach of economic activities, works and expertises built within Pekea network could largely contribute to give back to the political dimension all its place in economic matters

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