Social Indicators of territorial well-being

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3rd OECD World Forum on Statistics, Knowledge and Policy
27-30 October 2009, Busan, Korea to tackle the following issue
Charting Progress, Building Visions, Improving life

Michel Renault, Yves Franchet, PEKEA, France,
with a presentation :" Social Indicators of territorial well-being"
received an award for an outstanding contribution to the objective of the forum.

Photos of the laureate and of the keyspeakers and of the PEKEA Team are available just click to go to the page

PEKEA with his president Yves Franchet organized a session Wednesday, 28 October 2009 - Day 2
- New Measures, New Policies
Session 6 : Measuring and Fostering Well-Being and Societal Progress with the Involvement of Citizens
Chair: Yves Franchet, President,
Political and Ethical Knowledge on Economic Activities Reseach Programme, PEKEA, France

And as a speaker Michel Renault delivered a presentation
of the ISBET programme; he had co-authored a paper with Yves Franchet
that is available on the OECD site click this link
To get more information about contributions from PEKEA
to the construction of local indicators of societal progress and well-being : click here

Herafter the basic message delivered the 27th of October
by Angel Gurrķa, OECD Secretary-General

The presence of nearly 2000 participants from all over the world here today,
including two distinguished Heads of State, several Ministers, heads of international agencies
and civil society leaders, confirms that we are addressing a highly important issue.

Social progress is the main goal of public policy, indicators, the main compass.

Today, too much emphasis is put on measuring GDP, and not enough on assessing our well-being.
If we are concerned about the progress of our societies, should we not be looking more closely
at a broader set of measures - at how resilient and supportive our communities are or
at the state of the environment?
This is where the most important work needs to be done in the aftermath of the crisis.

To raise confidence, we need indicators measuring what we value as a society.

We have a difficult task ahead of us.
But seeing such distinguished guests and experts gathered here today fills me with hope
that we are on the right track.