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Main measures for the workings of PEKEA

Honorary Presidents
Bureau et Conseil d'administration

1) A constitution has been established in accordance with recommendations from the world launching conference in September 2002 in Santiago. This conference served as a constitutive assembly for the foundation of PEKEA.This constitution has been approved by the first general assembly during the onference in Rennes in December 2003.

After a promise of support from the city of Rennes, Marc Humbert applied for an "Association loi 1901" status as a non-profit organization to the prefecture d'Ille et Vilaine (local representative of the French Central Government ) which acknowledged receipt on March 7th, 2003. The association was registered as soon as it was published in the French "journal officiel" (on the 3rd of May 2003).

Our main activity is to elaborate and to disseminate knowledge regarding economic activities; this means, in line with our argument and founding principles, to build a political and ethical knowledge regarding economic activities for a planet for humanity and solidarity.

PEKEA members are individual members of three types:
P Professionals of production-dissemination of knowledge : researchers, academics and Phd Students from the social sciences and the humanities
E Experts as actors involved in economic activities that are organised in ways compatible with the objectives of PEKEA
C Citizens bringing support from the civil society.

We are looking for synergies, thus partnerships with all groups who share at least partly our approach and our objectives.
Associations of individuals and local authorities sharing the objectives and general argument of PEKEA have one corresponding member who is in the PEKEA Network of individuals. Neither trade unions nor political parties.

We are working at a world scale and are organizing a network of international relations and international meetings but are also promoting the constitution of local multidisciplinary working groups with individual participants (type P, E & C) and in cooperation with other organizations.

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2) Structure is that of a French association loi 1901 (non profit organisation) with its Headquarters in Rennes, France. We got in July 2006 a consultative Status to ECOSOC, UN after our application has been screened by member States. Thus we are now an NGO officially registered as such.

For its operation:

There are a secretariat ( 4 members), an Executive Committee ( 7 to 15 members) and a General Assembly (for members having paid their membership fee). The composition of the secretariat and of the Executive Committee is in annex. First elections were organised in December 2003. During the General Assembly in Dakar ( 2006), we decided to ask the secretariat in place to prepare elections by electronic mail; they took place in July 2007; the following general assembly due to the necessity to postpone the world conference from 2008 to 2009 was organised at the end of June 2008 by electronic mail and approved a little move in the bureau; the present secretariat and board are in charge until the end of 2010.
We have set up an office with an assistant manager.

For the orientation and quality assurance : a scientific board whose members are coopted around those who have begun to accept an active role for launching PEKEA in Santiago.

The Honorary Presidents of PEKEA:

Mr Berthelot, Yves (Statistics and Political Economy), France, became Honorary President in July 2007 after serving as our first President, from the starting point of PEKEA (in 2002) until 2007
Mr Yves Berthelot has been Deputy Executive Secretary of UNCTAD and Executive Secretary of the Economic Commission for Europe of the United Nations and he is also President of several NGO involved in development and sustainable development.

Mr Dos Santos, Theotonio (Political Economy), Brazil, became Honorary President in June 2008 after serving as the first President of our scientific board and Vice- President of PEKEA from the starting point of PEKEA (in 2002) until 2008
Pr Theotonio Dos Santos has been one the founding father of the Dependentist School, he taught in many Universities in America (Brazil, Chile, Mexico, USA etc.) and he is the President of REGGEN, a UNESCO/UN chair on Global economy and sustainable development, since its creation.

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Annexe/ Annex / Anexo

Bureau / Executive Board / Mesa

President : Mr Franchet, Yves (Statistics and Political Economy), France
Vice- President :Mr Humbert, Marc (Political Economy), France
Treasurer: Mrs Bénezech, Danièle, (Political Economy), France
Executive Secretary: Mr Perrault, Jean-Louis (Political Economy), France

Conseil d'Administration /Governing Board /Consejo de Administración

Mr Franchet, Yves (Statistics and Political Economy), France
Mr Humbert, Marc (Political Economy), France
Ms Bénezech, Danièle, (Political Economy), France

Ordinary members by alphabetical order

Ms Aneha, Aki, (Political Economy), Japan,
Ms Denegri, Marianela, (Psychology), Chile,
Mr Fall, Abdou Salam, (Sociology), Dakar, Senegal,
Mr Huvanandana, Om, (Management), Bangkok, Thailand,
Mr Jessop, Bob, (Sociology), United Kingdom,
Mr Maréchal, Gilles, (Activist), Rennes, France,
Ms Mendell, Marguerite, (Political Economy), Canada,
Mr Nze Nguema, Fidèle Pierre, (Sociology) Gabon,
Mr Puthan Veetil, Rajagopal, (Activist), Dehli, India,
Ms Wang, Wei, (Political Economy), Beijing, China,
Mr Yvergniaux, Alain, (Citizen), Rennes, France,

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Cotisations/ Membership fees/ Cotizaciónes

Il revient à chaque adhérent de se situer par rapport aux niveaux de cotisation qui sont proposés en fonction du niveau moyen de revenu ou/et de sa volonté de contribuer financièrement au fonctionnement de l'association.
Each member has to decide by himself or herself which is his or her level of membership fee among those proposed according to an average income or/and of her or his will to finance the running of the association
Cada uno tiene que proporcionar fundos según la categoria que le parece correspondiente a su nivel medio de ingreso o/y de su voluntad de ayudar el funcionamiento de la asociación

D'ici à l'assemblée générale de 2004 le montant de la cotisation dépend du revenu moyen comme ci-après.
Until the general assembly in 2004, the membership fee table is based on the average level of income as below:
Hasta la asamblea general in 2004, la cantitad de la cotización dependie del nivel medio de ingreso como abajo:


Montant/ Amount/ Cantitad

pour un revenu moyen mensuel : M

for an average level of monthly income : M

para un nivel medio de ingreso mensual : M


5 euros M < 300 euros
10 euros 300 euros < M < 600 euros
20 euros 600 euros < M < 1 200 euros
50 euros 1 200 euros < M < 3 000 euros
100 euros M > 3000 euros


if you send 1000 euros and more / si vous envoyez 1000 euros et plus / Si Usted envia 1000 euros y más
vous êtes membre bienfaiteur/ You are a Donator / Usted es un Donador

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